MP Moira Deeming backflips over threat of suing Victoria Liberal Party following suspension

Moira Deeming, a member of the Coalition Party in Victoria, withdrew threats to file a lawsuit against the Liberal Party of Victoria (LPV), after she was suspended from parliament for non-payment of taxes.

Deeming accused the LPV of publishing false information about her financial situation, which caused her stress and depression. Her lawyers said they could file a lawsuit against the Liberals to protect her rights.

However, when it came time to file a lawsuit, Deeming retracted her threats and stated that she no longer wished to pursue the matter. She also apologized to the PLA and her colleagues from Parliament.

Deeming was suspended from work after it became known that she had not paid taxes over the past few years. She later paid the debt, but was still suspended for several weeks.

After her removal, disputes arose in the Coalition, where some politicians proposed to expel her from the party. However, Diming remained in the Coalition and stated that her duty was related to personal problems, and not to her work in parliament.

Disputes within the Coalition may create problems for the party in the upcoming elections in Victoria. Many voters have already expressed dissatisfaction with these disputes and demand greater stability in politics.

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