Brendan Fevola thought he would die as he battled to lose weight for Jenny Craig

Australian professional soccer player Brendan Fevola has admitted that he is struggling to lose weight with the help of the Jenny Craig weight loss program. He also shared his emotional and physical trials that he has endured over the past few months.

Brendan Fevola, who was obese, said that when he started his Jenny Craig program weighing 150 kg, he could not even stand on the scales and measure his weight. Instead, he had to measure his progress through photos and weekly reports on his initial weight.

“I thought I was going to die from all this,” said Brendan Fevola. He also noted that the fight against obesity not only affected his physical health, but also his emotional state. “I’m tired of how I look and how it affects me and my family,” he added.

Brendan Fevola

However, thanks to the Jenny Craig program, Brendan Fevola was able to improve his health and lose more than 30 kg. He also noted that an important role was played by his wife, who supported him in difficult moments.

The Jenny Craig Weight loss program offers personalized nutrition and workout plans for each client. A team of experts works with clients to help them achieve their weight loss goals and live a healthier life.

Brendan Fevola noted that he continues to work on his health and plans to use his experience to help other people fight overweight and live a healthier life.

His story has generated a lot of feedback and support. Many people praised Brendan Fevola for his openness and perseverance in the fight for his health and weight. They also recognized that many people, especially among the male part of the population, are embarrassed to talk about their weight and health problems.

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